#4: How Building Stronger Member Relationships Drives Value & Non-Dues Revenue with Larry Montague of TAPPI
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What does it take for an association to go global and also withstand the test of time?

In today’s exciting episode, we sit down with Larry Montague, President & CEO of TAPPI, to explore the dynamic strategies that led him on a path to transforming TAPPI’s financial state into one of notable, profitable success. 

Larry shares how he transitioned from a corporate sales and marketing career into the leadership role at TAPPI, and the pride that comes in taking the helm at an association with more than 100 years of history. He also talks about how the association embracing members at the center of its organization’s structure and decision-making has created a positive cultural shift.

You'll also hear about the innovative ways TAPPI is spearheading the future of the industry through technical education, training, and their global events. Larry also shares his experiences from international travels, his passion for the industry, and offers some golden advice for other association leaders.

Whether you're an executive looking for ways to grow membership, increase engagement, or are curious about non-dues revenue, this episode is brimming with valuable insights and strategies. 

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of member engagement. 
  • The significance of TAPPI’s technical standards.
  • Why customizing events provides more value to members.
  • How to build a global brand. 
  • How to create a communication strategy that transcends cultural and generational barriers.

About the guest:

Larry Montague joined TAPPI as President & CEO in 2006. His passion for the pulp, paper, tissue, packaging, and converting industries is only matched by the passion of the volunteers, staff and members of TAPPI. He is known for his ability to transform a company into a thriving, financially viable and competitive enterprise in the global marketplace. Larry’s dedication to the continued and lasting sustainability of TAPPI is an essential motivator in his success with the association. 


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