#3: How To Embrace Your Core Values & Authenticity in Leadership with Tracy Folkes Hanson of CSAE
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Being a growth-minded leader can shift your association into a culture that is both value-driven and authentic.

In today’s episode we’re honored to talk with Tracy Folkes Hanson, CAE, President & CEO of CSAE. Join us as we dive into what it means to embrace a growth mindset as our host, Christine Shaw, discusses with Tracy the significance of mentorship, including reverse mentorship, and how aspiring leaders can benefit from surrounding themselves with diverse teams. Tracy highlights the evolving nature of member engagement and the imperative for associations to remain member-centric and innovative.

Tracy also emphasizes the power of listening, community values, and giving back as the cornerstones of effective leadership. Her advice for rising executives will inspire you to lead with grace, understand your strengths, and use your platform to uplift others.

You’ll learn:

  • How to drive corporate culture with vision and strategy.
  • The impact personal core values have on the workplace.
  • How having a growth mindset influences innovation.
  • Why it’s important to be community-focused. 

About the guest:

A visionary thought leader, Tracy Folkes Hanson, CAE, is known for her success in developing and driving corporate culture, collaboration, and strategy. Tracy joined CSAE as President & CEO in July 2017. Prior to joining CSAE, she held senior positions for numerous leading brands both in the private and non-profit sectors, including the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, MasterCard International, Kinark Child & Family Services, and The Arthritis Society. A small stint in politics, Tracy was elected to Whitby Town Council in 2010 as North Ward Councillor. She continues to be an active volunteer and community leader. 


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