#2: How to Create Community & a “Better Together” Mentality with Steven Stout & Katy Markert of TSAE
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We are all aware that storytelling is a powerful tool to create connection, but are you using this strategy to its fullest in your association? 

In today's episode, we explore the dynamic world of association management and how to bring events, publications, and content to life with the power of storytelling. We have two remarkable guests, Executive Director Steven Stout, FASAE, CAE, and Marketing & Communications Director Katy Markert from the Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE).

Steven shares his fascinating journey from his early days as a radio DJ to hospitality and association leadership positions, and how storytelling played a pivotal role along the way. While Katy shares her early experiences understanding the importance of community and collaboration, all of which today is embodied in the TSAE's motto, "Better Together." Steven and Katy expand on the innovative ways the association has built and nurtured relationships for membership growth and successful partnerships.

You’ll learn:

  • The powerful impact of making your audience the hero in storytelling.
  •  How to be strategic with your social media and email marketing.
  • The surprising success that simple yet engaging content can bring.

About our guests:

Steven J. Stout, FASAE, CAE is the Executive Director for the Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE). He reports to the Board of Directors, carries out TSAE’s mission and goals, oversees overall administration and operation, and manages finances. Steven earned his BBA at Baylor University in Business Communication and Public Relations. Before entering the association world, he worked as a radio disc-jockey from the age of 15 to 23 working at various top 40 and adult contemporary stations. 

As the Marketing & Communications Director, Katy Markert manages and coordinates TSAE’s communications, marketing and publication efforts. She oversees the organization’s brand strategy and promotional efforts with TSAE's many initiatives. She is the lead for the TSAE website, online community, digital marketing strategies, TSAE's magazine Association Leadership and podcast Better by Association.


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